How to Succeed Calling FSBOs - POWERFACT:  Fear keeps a lot of real estate agents from prospecting, and prospecting is the #1 key to success in this business. At Darryl Davis’s annual Inventory Intensive retreat, he taught agents how to move past the fear and use questions — with a focus on service and coaching to break through barriers and develop […]
Marketing Agent vs Selling Agent - POWERFACT: Marketing Agents will out-perform Selling Agents because they are using their time and skills more wisely and effectively. There’s a difference between being a Marketing Agent and a Selling Agent — and that difference is a huge differentiator. A selling agent typically takes one house and tries to sell it to many buyers. A […]
The Key to Pricing Properties Right in a Balanced Market - Powerfact:  Want to leverage a balanced market and help your sellers get more for their homes? Price the property for where the market is GOING, not where it is. The good news is we are definitely heading into a more balanced market – one that is fairer for sellers, buyers, and real estate professionals. The […]
The Best Time to Prospect for Real Estate Agents - POWERFACT:  The best time to prospect is like the best diet — it’s the one you’ll actually STICK TO! Hey gang! Here’s a question I am asked A LOT! “When is the best time to prospect for new listings?” First of all, I applaud all of you who are searching for answers! Prospecting is tough […]
Get On the Court! - POWERFACT:  The more you let others distract you from your work, the slower the path to your goals. I’m not a sports guy. Not even a little bit. But I do love a good sports analogy (and analogies in general) because they can help me communicate an important message to agents and audiences! Picture yourself […]
Speak From Your Heart - POWERFACT:  When you speak from your heart, you elevate the level of communication and create a stronger connection. During our annual Inventory Intensive event, I did something I don’t normally do — I shared a bit of “my story”. When I was 16, I became an emancipated minor and lived on my own. It does […]
Three FSBO Dialogues for Getting the Appointment - POWERFACT:  FSBOs are a tremendous source of NOW business. Master the techniques and you’ll always be able to build listing inventory. For the second week in a row, FSBOs and Expireds and how to handle them (and their objections) has dominated our Facebook Group, online chat support, and emails. I get it. The market is […]
No FSBO Should Be a FSBO - POWERFACT: When you know for a FACT that what you do helps people, and that you can without a doubt get more money for a home than someone can do on their own, conveying that fact becomes vital. We had a powerful coaching call today, and the topic of listing FSBOs was front and center. […]
It’s About the Breakthrough, Not the Results - POWERFACT:  Sometimes focusing solely on the results or finish line can stop you in your tracks. In a clip from Darryl’s annual Inventory Intensive Workshop, Darryl shares the importance of creating a breakthrough simply by creating a commitment that can get you out of a comfort zone. Sharing a story from his experience in training […]
S.T.R.E.S.S. - POWERFACT: Worry is a wasted emotion. During one of last week’s live seminars, and again on this week’s coaching call, the topic of STRESS came up. With all the shifts and turns in our market, and in life. That’s no surprise, right? Darryl, being Darryl — came up with an acronym for it:  S.T.R.E.S.S – […]